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    發表時間:2020-04-24 15:44:33 瀏覽次數:6633

    National electric vehicle motor and its controller test base

    中心測試基地已通過國家認可委、認監委認證,包括基于電渦流測功機的440kW 測試平臺,為國家863 電動汽車重大專項電機及其控制器唯一指定檢測基地。測試基地可提供的最大直流電壓1000V、電流500A,可測試的電機最高轉速為20000r/min, 最大加載轉矩為4500N.m, 主要進行電機系統機械特性、效率特性、溫升特性、堵轉、再生制動特性等穩態性能測試,轉速/ 轉矩階躍響應等動態特性的測試以及進行電動車輛加/ 減速過程的模擬試驗。近年來,先后完成國內外260 余套電動汽車電機驅動系統的測試工作,測試數據獲得廣泛的認可。

    The National EV Motor & Controller Test Base has been approved by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Commodity Assessment) and CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China). It has a 440kw test platform based on electric eddy current dynamometer and is the only designated test base for electric motors and relevant controllers employed in the National 863 EV Project. The base can provide a maximum DC voltage of 1000V and electric current of 500A. The maximum allowable tested speed is 20,000r/m and torque is 4,500Nm. The test is mainly targeted at the motor system’s static performance (characteristics of the system’s mechanics, efficiency, temperature rise, locked-rotor and regenerated braking) and dynamic performance (rotation speed/ torque step response).Simulated tests for the acceleration and deceleration of EV are also an important part.In recent years, it has completed the testing of more than 260 sets of domestic and international electric vehicle motor drive systems.