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    發表時間:2020-04-24 18:05:00 瀏覽次數:3818

    New energy vehicle enterprise big data platform conformity test system

    依據《電動汽車遠程服務與管理系統技術規范》(GB/T 32960-2016),開發了企業平臺和車型的符合性檢測平臺,可作為國家層面的新能源汽車監管與信息發布的統一門戶,用于整車企業、地方平臺完成信息錄入及維護,最終實現車輛、企業平臺、國家平臺準確有效的數據信息交互。

    According to ‘technical specification for the electric car remote service and management system’ (GB/T 32960-2016), the enterprise platform and models of conformance testing platform is developed that can be used as a national level of new energy vehicles supervision and information portal, which is used by automobile enterprise, local platform for completing information input and maintenance. Finally it realizes the accurate and effective data information interaction.